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Teaching American Politics in Italy

In my day as a teacher at Albano middle school, I taught all levels of middle school from ages 9 to 14. Classes had around 20 students. Most older students could understand and speak English very well while younger students struggled. Teachers were helpful with translating for their students who were not fluent in English. I made a connection with a student whose father was from Arizona; this student was in a class that spoke little English with a teacher that wasn’t proficient either. This student acted as a translator and helped the class while having pride in his heritage and pride...

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I Love You, Shelby

Hi I am Shelby and I am intervention specialist K-12 education major. Earlier this week I had the pleasure of being in a 5th grade classroom in Locale Albano elementary school. This is just one of the many things the students made for me. I have never felt more touched after being in a class full of unfamiliar faces where it was clear I was appreciated and wanted to converse and exchange our cultures together. I could tell how important the students felt to be able to teach us. I am looking forward to the many more opportunities.

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