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Communicating Outside of Our Comfort Zones

Throughout this amazing trip in Rome, Italy, we have visited a number of schools and experienced so much as future educators. We have gone to The Vatican School up the hill in Castel Gandolfo, a school in the city next to ours called Albano, a Hebrew school in Rome, Reggio Emilia, a Greek school, and an Italian school in Greece. I have loved every single school that we have visited, observed, and taught at. But the school that sticks out to me the most is The Vatican School in Castel Gandolfo. This school is just right up the hill from our campus. It was a pretty big school, with many...

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A Christian in the Most Catholic City in the World

I posted this to my family and friends last week after Mass. I want to share with everyone on our Facebook page my experience as a Christian in the most Catholic city in the World. Today my colleagues and I experienced a once in a life time opportunity. Touring the summer home of the Pope in Castel Gandolfo. The architecture, beauty, history, and stories hidden beneath these walls are images I will never forget. Although I do not practice Catholicism it feels great to be open to learn about and participate in different ways Christians around the world teach and spread the word of God. The...

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An Education at the Acropolis

This is true education. Right under the Acropolis above the theater gathered around as we listen to the history before us come alive.

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