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Rome, Italy

Communicating Effectively to Different Languages

During our time teaching in Italian classrooms we have had so many amazing experiences where I’ve felt inspired. I’ve left the classroom feeling so accomplished with my lesson and feeling more secure than ever in my decision to become a teacher, and to major in Early Childhood Education. However,I feel that I learned the most about becoming an educator in the worst teaching experience I have ever had. On a beautiful Wednesday morning my colleague Brianna and I headed up to Albano Laziale to the Callodi school for our first time teaching Italian students. The Callodi school is...

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More Similarities Than Differences

“I see more similarities with my school back home than the differences in the classroom.” is what I have said to the Italian students when in the teaching field. I am truly grateful to have been given the opportunities to not only teach in high school classes in Italy but to have observed classrooms in Greek schools, a Hebrew school, a Vatican school, and a Reggio Emilia school. The bright eyed, cheerful, and smiling faces of the students make me feel beyond welcomed. The teachers in each classroom were more than nice to me too which really made an impact. They represent their...

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Adapting to the Language Barrier

I had the pleasure to work at Collodi Elementary School during my time here in Rome. There are about 300 students that attend this school and I was able to work with a vast majority of them. The very first and only time I was able to teach my lesson was to a group of first graders. There were about twenty-two students that were in the class the day that my colleagues and I came to teach our lesson on Thanksgiving. We chose to teach them about Thanksgiving because we are all studying to be ECIS educators. We thought that it would be an interesting subject for them to learn about at their age....

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A Christian in the Most Catholic City in the World

I posted this to my family and friends last week after Mass. I want to share with everyone on our Facebook page my experience as a Christian in the most Catholic city in the World. Today my colleagues and I experienced a once in a life time opportunity. Touring the summer home of the Pope in Castel Gandolfo. The architecture, beauty, history, and stories hidden beneath these walls are images I will never forget. Although I do not practice Catholicism it feels great to be open to learn about and participate in different ways Christians around the world teach and spread the word of God. The...

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Teaching in Italy Compared to the U.S.

For the past five weeks, I have gotten the privilege to teach at Collodi Elementary school in Italy. The school is located in Albano Laziale, next to our campus and by Castel Gondolfo. There are about 300 students, and my partner Katelynn and I have gotten the chance to teach a Thanksgiving lesson to three different classrooms. Katelynn and I are both majoring in Early Childhood Education so it was really fun to get the chance to teach the first and fourth grade students in Italy. Teaching at Collodi has definitely helped prepare me to teach my own class soon by showing me some of the...

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Similar Architecture of Greece and Rome

Buona Sera! I am a student who is beyond blessed to be surrounded by such friendly and caring students and staff in Rome. This past weekend we enjoyed our stay in Athens, Greece. Our tour guide was extremely knowledgeable and shared 5 hours worth of information regarding the The Roman Ruins, The Agora, and The Parliament to us. It was interesting to learn how Greek History as well as Roman History can go hand in hand in regards to the architecture. Our tour guide had a book about the Greek monuments that we saw with our own eyes but the book was actually published in Italy. Seeing the...

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