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Athens, Greece

Similar Architecture of Greece and Rome

Buona Sera! I am a student who is beyond blessed to be surrounded by such friendly and caring students and staff in Rome. This past weekend we enjoyed our stay in Athens, Greece. Our tour guide was extremely knowledgeable and shared 5 hours worth of information regarding the The Roman Ruins, The Agora, and The Parliament to us. It was interesting to learn how Greek History as well as Roman History can go hand in hand in regards to the architecture. Our tour guide had a book about the Greek monuments that we saw with our own eyes but the book was actually published in Italy. Seeing the...

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The Parthenon and Today’s Olympic Stadium

This weekend, the education study abroad group got to travel to Athens Greece! There were many highlights of the trip, but some of the best destinations we got to experience were the Parthenon, the first modern Olympic stadium, and the 2004 Olympic stadium! The Parthenon was built between 447 and 432 BCE and was built to honor the goddess Athena. The temple was built to protect the gold and ivory statue of Athena inside, but was later stolen. The Parthenon has since been reconstructed three times and the columns are made of marble and ivory. The Parthenon has dimensions of 8×17 columns...

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Future Educators Visit Athens, Greece

What a great trip for us future educators! Today we had the opportunity of exploring Greece and seeing all the amazing monuments we’ve learned about throughout our education. How amazing will it be to one day teach our classes about these places and get to show them actual pictures and share our own stories from when we visited these amazing places. This trip is truly incredible!

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An Education at the Acropolis

This is true education. Right under the Acropolis above the theater gathered around as we listen to the history before us come alive.

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