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A Christian in the Most Catholic City in the World

I posted this to my family and friends last week after Mass. I want to share with everyone on our Facebook page my experience as a Christian in the most Catholic city in the World.

Today my colleagues and I experienced a once in a life time opportunity. Touring the summer home of the Pope in Castel Gandolfo. The architecture, beauty, history, and stories hidden beneath these walls are images I will never forget.

Although I do not practice Catholicism it feels great to be open to learn about and participate in different ways Christians around the world teach and spread the word of God. The friends I have made are always answering my questions I have for them about their practices as I try to do for them. I realized today I have grown in my faith more in the past month than I have in quite some time.

Tonight we had Father Michael give Mass in our Chapel on campus. He spoke about how we as humans think of Heaven. He explained that God gives us little glimpses of Heaven in our daily lives. Such as, the feeling of love of friendship and companionship, the love of family, and the feeling of endless company. The idea that spoke out the most was when he spoke about couples… when you see an elderly couple who just sit and spend time together not saying a word, but just enjoying the company of the other and loving the other for many many years being at peace to just sit and share the love of each other. When you see that simplicity, that love, and that happiness you see a glimpse of Heaven… this idea definitely made me immediately think of my Buckas and how God gives me a glimpse of Heaven every time I see them together and their love for each other… Father Michael then explained that Heaven is not like anything you can experience on Earth and no matter how much you love an activity you still would get tired of it if it was to last for eternity. It’s hard for us to understand Heaven or what it really is, besides those glimpses God blesses us with, because it is something so much better, so much greater than anything we could experience during our life.

Tonight was by far my favorite Mass I have attended, thanks to my friends and Father Micheal for making myself and my faith feel welcome to share the love of God we both have. I was blessed by a Priest for the first time tonight. It genuinely brought tears of happiness to my eyes to share my love of God with this group of people.

My experience tonight really made me miss my family and church at home, especially my Buckas and going to church with them, more than ever. I cannot wait to share what I have learned when I return to the States. I hope to continue to learn more about other religions and others love for God to strengthen my own

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