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The Parthenon and Today’s Olympic Stadium

This weekend, the education study abroad group got to travel to Athens Greece! There were many highlights of the trip, but some of the best destinations we got to experience were the Parthenon, the first modern Olympic stadium, and the 2004 Olympic stadium!

The Parthenon was built between 447 and 432 BCE and was built to honor the goddess Athena. The temple was built to protect the gold and ivory statue of Athena inside, but was later stolen. The Parthenon has since been reconstructed three times and the columns are made of marble and ivory. The Parthenon has dimensions of 8×17 columns and is built on a curve, which make the structure unique!

The first modern Olympic stadium was right by our hotel and was hosted in 1896! Many athletes came here and one the most popular races were the sprints on the 50 meter track! The Athens marathon will be held at this site on Sunday November 13th that many people will attend.

The 2004 Olympic stadium was visited by a smaller group of our study abroad students. This site was pretty much abandoned, but the Olympic swimming arena was made into a y-care where kids can swim in the actual pool used, and can also participate in boxing and rock climbing. There are still some memories of the Olympics games being held there that remain.

Athens was my favorite city so far to visit on this trip and I hope to someday come back! It was neat to see the host city of the first ever modern Olympics, and to see what they chose to make the 2004 buildings into. The Parthenon had an amazing view and many historical facts that I recommend anyone who is visiting Greece to go see!

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