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Future Educators Visit the Colosseum

Sunday October 17th at 3:00pm, fifteen future educators from Walsh University began the journey to Castel Gandolfo, our home just outside of Rome for the next eight weeks. With us came our university professor Dr. Connie Smith, Rome Director Danilo Mori, and Student Life Director, Abby Poeske who would be leading us throughout our academic and cultural journey. We truly hit the ground running, not wasting any time, yesterday we visited the Colosseum. There is no way to truly describe the feeling you get when you see the Colosseum for the first time, pictures do not do this structure justice. We were led by our amazing tour guide as she explained to us the rich history of the Colosseum and then the Forum. I am so grateful that we got to spend our first full day in Italy learning about one of Rome’s most iconic historical landmarks. I can not wait for the many more amazing adventures to come.

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